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  • Eucalyptus Rose wooden wick candle with a tapered cork lid.

    Eucalyptus Rose

    Indulge in self-care with the calming and soothing aroma of eucalyptus and delicate floral notes of rose.

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  • Grapefruit Splash

    This zesty and fresh scent will fill your home with positive energy, elevating your mood and revitalizing your soul!

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  • Lemon Lilac

    Mixing the bright, tangy aroma of lemons with the sweet and enchanting fragrance of lilacs - the ideal scent for anyone who loves a little bit of zing with their sweetness!

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SWELCE - Leather & Lace

Meet SWELCE Leather and Lace – the aromatic lovechild of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, hand-poured by Apothecary Torch. Illuminate your space with football fantasy and luxurious lace. Inspired by a power-couple's saga, this woodwick candle doesn't just scent your room; it paints an aromatic masterpiece. Let passion linger, let love be scented...& get in on all the SWELCE brag!

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Evocative Scents. Your relaxing moments.

As professionals in the medical/public service area, finding an escape from all the cardiac alarms, trauma notifications, on-call shifts, distress calls, etc., is difficult, when you need the escape as soon as you walk in your front door at home.

It's no surprise that smells are associated with memory more than any other sense, which is why I've always loved candles. I started blending my own scents that evoked happy & relaxing memories for me, & added the beautiful wood wicks for their radiant soothing crackle.

Materials Used


Why they are great -

And my ultimate favorite reason...Tube wood wicks. Although not seen used very often (due to the more intense wick testing in pre-production) wooden tube wicks produce a gorgeousloud crackling cylinder shaped flame.

As often as successful testing allows, I will use tube wicks in my candles.

But when a vessel or a custom blended scent, doesn't coincide with a tube wick, carefully selected wooden flat wicks, will emit a crackle leaving you looking for the real fireplace!

Along with being handcrafted & made in the USA, they are clean burning.

Made from sappy fruit trees or Mid-West softwood.

Sourced from FSC-certified mills.


What does that mean?

It means you can't buy my candle scents off the shelf, anywhere. It's nothing you can buy in a bottle.

I've originally blended various fragrances, calculated ratios, crafted, & hand poured the scents you see in all my final products.

Richdeep, & invigorating are describing words that must be loud & undeniable during my testing process for a final product scent.


Why it's so great, & why I use it -

This beautiful wax is like no other - A custom blend of coconut, apricot, & vegetable waxes, is eye catching with its smooth, glass-like creamy white/off-white appearance.

With-in the candle industry, it is regarded as a high-end, luxurious wax celebrated for its excellent fragrance cold throw (what you smell when deciding on a candle), & hot throw (fragrance when the candle is lit).

Exhibits very even-ness of burn, utilizing all the wax, & longer burn times.

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Apothecary Torch with GOVX ID is proud to support first responders, including law enforcement, fire/emergency, medical and healthcare personnel, as well as those that serve our country, including current and former members of the U.S. military and their families.

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