No Tunnel Guarantee

What is the No Tunnel Product Perfection Guarantee?

I understand that buying handcrafted goods from small businesses online, is a risky experience. So I want to decrease that worry - after all, Apothecary Torch was started to evoke relaxing moments.

First, What is tunneling? - tunneling is when a candle burns down the middle, leaving excessive wax on the edges of the vessel. Essentially, it's money you wasted.

Many factors can cause this, but the main ones are;

      1. Not enough, inadequate, or inefficient testing
      2. Improper wicking - the wick is too small for the vessel, again related to testing
      3. Poor quality fragrances and/or improper fragrance to wax ratio
      4. Upon initial burn, the candle wasn't lit long enough to develop a full or complete melt pool (usually 2-4 hours) - this is when the melted wax fills the entire top layer of the candle edge to edge

No Tunnel Product Perfection Guarantee

    I guarantee that by the time your Apothecary Torch candle is 3/4 of the way burned down, consumed (3/4 of the wax gone), that there will be no, or only a very minimal/film like-layer of wax, left on the candle vessel edge.

    If, when your candle is 3/4 of the way consumed/gone, and there is obvious excessive* wax left, hence tunneling, then I will replace your candle, free of charge, shipping included. 

    Why at 3/4 of the way consumed you ask? Because properly wicked candles, as they burn down, utilize the vessel body to radiate heat, resulting in the wax on the sides melting, aiding to fuel the flame. That's where the product perfection part comes in.

    Sometimes, for the first couple burns, Apothecary Torch candles may appear to tunnel - but as they are continually allowed to burn properly (burn to full/nearly full melt pool, 2-4 hours, and never burn for longer than 4 hours), the flame will evenly consume the wax, edge to edge.

    I am confident in this guarantee because of the excessive testing, time, and diligent research I have, and continue to put into every product I craft and offer on

    And secondly, have great atonement in my finished productions...a personal driving force stands behind why each product was created.

    All of the products I craft solve or reduce a problem, and I do not knowingly offer anything that does not showcase exceptional performance.

    I ask and receive honest, critical feedback that's utilized to pioneer elevating current and future products. 

    To inquire about a tunneling candle replacement, please contact me -

    1. Email
    2. Call or text 515-505-3570

     * A heavy wax ring remains from the top down through 3/4 of the candle - will request pictures in an effort to eliminate similar future results