What is Coconut Apricot Creme (Ceda Serica) Wax & Why It’s Amazing In Candles

What is Coconut Apricot Creme (Ceda Serica) Wax & Why It’s Amazing In Candles

If you're like me and are a candle lover, you’ve learned from your candle addiction, not all waxes are created equal.

After doing about a year's worth of research on candles and candle-making, I decided on using the premium, high-end wax not many have heard of, coconut apricot creme or Ceda Serica, as the wax of choice in my candles - for multiple, and if you ask me, exciting reasons.

Some waxes have been known to produce harmful chemicals when burned, while other waxes may not throw as strong of a scent, or have a shorter burn time.

Although you won’t find this wax in big box store candles, Ceda Serica wax is making a subtle emergence in the small business candle world, (hello small business world! 😉) and for good reason.

Highlighting a widespread conscientious concern of many candle consumers nowadays is the environmental impact burning candles make.

To lay ease to those concerned, coconut apricot creme wax is a sustainable and eco-friendly wax.

  • When referring to candle wax, sustainable means the wax is derived from renewable resources and is produced in a way that does not deplete natural resources.

Additionally, Ceda Serica originates from coconut and apricot oil and is biodegradable, thus it breaks down easily not harming the environment.

When considering performance and despite having a low melting point, another significant highlight coconut apricot creme wax boasts is its long burn time.

Comparatively, I found (my) coconut apricot creme candles burn an average of 30 to 33% longer than soy candles of the same size. It has an excellent fragrance throw, evenness of burn, and wax consumption. What that all boils down to is simply getting your money's worth when purchasing a candle.

Ceda Serica wax has a creamy smooth white appearance which makes for aesthetically pleasing candles.

And combined with the soothing and relaxing crackle from wooden wicks, these candles produce less soot than your average candle.

Overall, I’ve found the benefits of using Ceda Serica wax in my candles are numerous. From its sustainability and clean burn to its amazing fragrance throw and longer burn times, the increased investment to craft an efficient and high-performing candle is well worth it.

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