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Apothecary Torch

Rustically Chic | Country Boy Dapper 11.3 oz

Rustically Chic | Country Boy Dapper 11.3 oz

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Burnished worn leather topped with rich mahogany encompasses subtle moods of lilac.

100% recycled glass vessel - don't throw away this beauty!!


    Escape to days gone by when you shined up your boots, pulled on starched jeans, a sharp collared shirt, and 2 stepped the night away to live Red Dirt country music.

    Rest assured when burning your Apothecary Torch candle, an even burn of nearly all the wax will leave you enjoying every invoking memory the fragrance has to offer. To put it simply - Apothecary Torch candles are guaranteed not to tunnel. (See the No Tunnel Guarantee page for further details)

    Product Details

    Burn time: 75+ hrs burn time with proper burning

    Wick: Crackling tube wooden wick emits a beautiful domed flame

    Wax: Ceda Serica (Coconut Apricot Creme) wax - lavish, smooth milky white all-natural coconut apricot creme wax blended with a small percent of all-natural vegetable wax for firmness

    Vessel: 100% recycled glass - dishwasher safe - 2.99in D x 2.99in W x 4.92in H Don't throw away this beauty!! After unwinding to the crackle of the wooden wick, and enjoying an even, full melt-pool burn of the coconut apricot creme wax, the softly blue-tinted glass jar is dishwasher safe (once wick/wax remnants are removed) and can be used as a regular drinking glass. With a slightly extended lip edge and rustic blue hue, you'll be adding a little vintagely country and rustically chic, style to your drinks.

    Lid: Tapered cork lid

    Natural butters:

    Natural oils:

    Mindful Care

    Be mindful of leaving in warm conditions i.e. car, direct sunlight, as they can soften and melt.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Karin Holder
    Special gift

    I gave this candle to a fellow equestrian…. She is in love with this candle!

    That's awesome!! That scent was crafted from many, many red dirt memories, & I love hearing she has enjoyed it!