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Apothecary Torch

Body Butter Stick | Sugared Apple | Heavy Moisturizing - Shea Butter and Natural Oils | 1 oz.

Body Butter Stick | Sugared Apple | Heavy Moisturizing - Shea Butter and Natural Oils | 1 oz.

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What is a Body Butter Stick? 

It's solid moisturizer, in a convenient twist-up stick!

Sweet country apple and crisp citrus notes fuse with sweet sugary goodness to make this Body Butter Stick a fresh and delightful treat for your skin!



Easy to use・You can fly with it・No squished tube mess in your purse or bags!

Body butter sticks are made with natural butters and oils, not water, and therefore are heavily moisturizing and great for dry, cracked skin. This Heavy moisturizing stick is made with Shea butter, which:

・is known to have anti-inflammatory properties
・helps to minimize irritated, damaged, and aggravated skin
・ease eczema and psoriasis conditions
・is non-comedogenic - doesn't clog pores
・significant levels of vit. E and A increasing antioxidant properties

The Body Butter Sticks remain solid at room temperature and melt on contact with the skin.

Most solid lotions, as they're commonly known, are often sold in bar form, and stored in small tins. I've never been a fan of the bar-type because I always dropped them. So I decided I was going to make mine (Apothecary Torch's) in stick form!! Twist on/off cap, easy twist-up tube, convenient size, doesn't freeze if left in a vehicle during winter, and easy transport without worry of the cap coming off and getting all over everything.

Product Details

Burn time: NA

Wick: NA

Wax: Beeswax, Soy

Vessel: 1 oz/30 ml clear plastic twist-up cylinder tube

Lid: Twist on/off

Natural butters: Shea

Natural oils: Coconut, Grapeseed, Apricot

Mindful Care

Be mindful of leaving in warm conditions i.e. car, direct sunlight, as they can soften and melt.

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