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Apothecary Torch

Candle Samples

Candle Samples

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***Currently waiting on print supplier for the cards***

Indulge in the sniff test, free, I insist!! Only cover shipping of your choice.

These samples are the exact scent and wax composition in my wooden wick candles. 

So the cold throw (smelling a candle not lit) scent is what you would experience if you were test smelling a candle to purchase.

These scents are the same for the wax melts as well.

This wax composition is not intended for wax melt/tart warmers - see product description for further info. 

* Please note - if you purchase a candle/wax melt, that scent won't be included in the samples you receive. 


Even though some of these samples are in wax melt molds, this wax composition is not created for wax melts/tarts - as noted previously, it is my candle wax, intended for you to know how a purchased Apothecary Torch candle or wax melt would smell.

Though some have used them in tart warmers, you could also poke a few holes in the top, and use them as fresheners in small places such as dresser drawers.

Product Details

Burn time:


Wax: Eco-friendly Coconut Apricot Creme wax blend



Natural butters:

Natural oils:

Mindful Care

Be mindful of leaving in warm conditions i.e. car, direct sunlight, as they can soften and melt.

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